A Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X freeware Application

YVS Picture Translator is a graphics processing application with a versatile and simple to use AppleScript vocabularly. Included with YVS Picture Translator is a library of AppleScript scripts for processing graphic files. YVS Picture Translator's simple user interface makes it easy to convert graphic files between different formats and provides access to the many QuickTime options for converting graphics files. YVS Picture Translator has the simplest method for cropping graphic files, where it uses the window as the area to be cropped. YVS Picture Translator can be downloaded here.

No further development of YVS Picture Translator is planned, the AppleScript functionality provided by YVS Picture Translator is superseded by iMagine, but I have kept YVS Picture Translator available for Mac OS 9 users and anybody who needs its user interface functionality.

Is an application droplet that will generate icons from image files dropped on to the Photo2Icon application, it will then apply the icon as a custom icon to the image file. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is drop your image files onto it, and it is easy to use in a AppleScript. Click here to download Photo2Icon.

A freeware mySQL interface for Mac OS X AppleScript, Beta release 3

mySQL4AppleScript is no longer available. I have not had time to work on it for 2 and half years and I can't see that changing.

If you know AppleScript and mySQL and would like to take it over, please e-mail me: ktam at yvs.eu.com.