News 2 May 2005

3 Automator Actions for Tiger have been released. These are, Apply Watermark, Add Metadata to Image Files and Draw Text on Image. See the download page to download these actions. In the documentation there is an Actions page you can download the XCode projects for these actions if you wish.

News 25 April 2005
iMagine Photo updated to version 2.1.2.
Can render the alpha channel as grayscale.
The movie editor object can now add frames and include the alpha channel information.
Added a color space property to the graphics importer. This allows you to determine the color space (rgb, cmyk etc.) without having to render the image.

News 13 February 2005
iMagine Photo updated to version 2.1.1.
Fixed a bug when setting the GPS exif information in an image file.
Added a new exif property that iMagine Photo can interpret. Called "sub second capture time original".
Added a
Scripts section to the documentation website, that lists recent scripts that I have written.

News 30 January 2005
iMagine Video is no longer available, iMagine Photo is now free and includes all the functionality of iMagine Video. Click here for more information about
iMagine Photo.

News 30 January 2005
iMagine Photo is updated to 2.1. The new version adds bilinear interpolation of digital camera images to remove hot pixels, the ability to add icons to image files and has improved performance and functionality when processing image files in place.

News 9 May 2004:
iMagine Video is updated to version 1.0.1 and iMagine Photo is updated to version 2.0.2. For details click

News 19 September 2003:
Yarra Valley Software updates its mysql Interface for AppleScript. For Details click

• A powerful tool for automating your image processing workflow

• Includes scripts and AppleScript droplets.