A powerful image processing tool for AppleScript that uses Apple's Quicktime and Quartz technologies.

iMagine Photo is a compositing tool for images, movie frames, shapes and text for AppleScript. iMagine Photo provides comprehensive exif support for image files and comes with example scripts and AppleScript droplets for the typical image file processing of scaling, cropping and rotating.

iMagine Photo can be used to watermark images and movie frames, set copyright and author metadata and can be used to draw text on the image, for example, to add your copyright message and/or your URL as a line of text on the bottom of your images or movie frames. You can also use iMagine Photo to scale images and movies and control the file size of your jpeg images. These features provide the tools necessary for preparing your image and movie files for the internet while securing their copyright.

iMagine Photo comes with scripts for getting various types of metadata from image files and saving the data in files suitable to be opened in spreadsheets or storing the data in MySQL databases. Example scripts show you how to write metadata to image files.

Download iMagine Photo

For iMagine Photo's AppleScript documentation click here.